Newspaper Website & Pagination Services

Newspapers are tasked with delivering timely, accurate information across multiple informational channels in an efficient manner.

Websites - We build news websites. Editors need an easily manageable workflow. With a web-first approach, all of your stories are accessed through a central dashboard after reporters post their assignments. Stories can then be edited, processed, and scheduled to go live. Export your stories for paginators to wrap up your print edition.

Pagination - We also offer pagination services. We can paginate your newspapers remotely. Our services can alleviate staffing issues, increase efficiency, and reduce in-house workloads.

Remote Reporting - We can assist in writing board stories remotely if meetings are recorded on YouTube. We gather agendas and information, watch the meetings, and return a professional story in a timely manner.

We work hard to provide features to make clients happy!

News organizations want additional features like classifieds, paywalls, advertising, and contact forms.


Sell and list classifieds online. Feature real estate, automotive, legal notices, help wanted, and more! You can also build business directories for another revenue source. Mimic Yelp or other popular Business Directories.


Easily post stories to your favorite social media channels. Furthermore, you can schedule your posts throughout the month to ensure you have consistently fresh content.


CLR Digital Solutions will optimize your pages for important keywords. In addition, Google Analytics will provide insights into traffic, reporting popular posts, pages, and trends. And, we will help with Google Business Profiles.


Publicize local events for readers to easily know what is happening.


Monetize your content by implementing digital and print subscriptions. Customize access rule sets.


Sell display advertising to local businesses. Add digital to your ad channels.

Remote Pagination and Reporting


We can paginate your newspaper efficiently allowing you to focus on other responsibilities. Stories and photos are easily managed and organized. We can paginate, typeset, design ads, format photos, and more.

Remote Reporting

As technology evolves, so does journalism. We can assist your team and cover board meetings that are recorded on YouTube. We deliver quality stories and free staff resources for other in-person tasks.

US Based

All of our services are US based.

Increase Exposure

Compliment your print presence with a digital presence. Readers are now choosing to read their news on their mobile devices.

Production Efficiency

Increase production efficiency by managing all of your editorial in one central location from anywhere. Edit and approve stories and then export them for InDesign.

Assist Staff

Let us help your staff with some routine tasks - from pagination to writing board stories - for more in-person responsibilities.

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