Building Websites for Villages | Townships | Park Districts

As the world becomes more connected, residents expect to find the information they need on their computer or mobile phone.

CLR Digital Solutions designs websites to meet those needs, allowing you to post meetings, agendas, minutes, plans, documents, events, and news.

Furthermore, you can post meeting videos for convenient viewing from home.

In addition, save postage by starting an electronic newsletter.

local city hall building


CLR Digital Solutions will optimize your keywords and pages.

We will customize SEO settings, control which pages are indexable, and work hard to increase your visibility on Google and Bing.

In addition, Google Analytics will provide insights into traffic, reporting popular posts, pages, and trends.


As a former elected official, we know what is important to your organization.

Continued Support

We support your staff, providing training and support when needed.

Mobile optimized

Mobile users compromise a significant percentage of website visitors. Therefore, building fast, responsive designs for each device is important.

Cloud Hosted

No more local server infrastructure is needed. Access your site anywhere with an internet connection.



CLR Digital Solutions provides you with options to engage your community. Make your social media management faster and easier by scheduling and cross-posting your content across multiple social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. Keep the community informed with news and events.

Regularly Post to Social Media
Email news to residents to keep them informed.
Keep the community informed with a calendar of events
Post daily news to inform your community
We work hard to provide features to make clients happy!

We work hard to provide all the features necessary to help your organization run efficiently to meet residents' expectations.


Use your website to allow organizations to downloadable bid notices and information.


Let your residents contact your departments, ask questions, and request information.


We can assist to set up videotaping meetings for residents to view from home.


Reduce costs by selling advertising on your website.

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