Park District Website Design Services

As the world becomes more connected, residents expect to find programs and events online. Furthermore, they expect to register and pay online, too.

CLR Digital Solutions designs park district websites to meet those needs, plus post meetings, agendas, minutes, plans, documents, events, and news.

We also can design, print, and mail monthly or quarterly newsletters.

Furthermore, we offer public relations, disseminating news to the media.

Park District Website Graphic

Park District Website Features

Website Design

We design your website with all of the modern features you'd expect.


Inform residents of upcoming programs and events. Allow them to register and pay online.

Post Information

Post news, agendas, minutes, bids, departments, contacts, and more.

Maps & Information

Display park and field maps.

Cloud Hosted

We take care of all of the hosting and email services on reliable cloud servers.

Continued Support

We train all of your staff. Furthermore, we continue to provide support once the site is complete.

Computer Graphic SEO


CLR Digital Solutions provides you with options to engage your community. We can design and host your website, create and mail newsletters, and facilitate social media postings.

Organize and display all of your information on your website
Regularly post to social media
Monthly / Quarterly Newsletters
Video record meetings for convenient access
We work hard to provide services our clients need!

We work hard to provide all the services necessary to help your organization run efficiently to meet residents' expectations.


We can assist to set up videotaping meetings for residents to view from home.

Public Relations

With a journalism background, we can generate press releases to disseminate to the media. Furthermore, if you're meetings are video recorded, we can write board stories that can be posted to your website, social media, and newsletters.

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