Media Organizations

Media companies are tasked with delivering timely, accurate information across multiple informational channels.

Editors need an easily manageable workflow. With a web-first approach, all of your stories are accessed through a central dashboard after reporters upload their assignments.

Stories are edited and processed and are ready to be scheduled to go live.

Connecting InDesign to your database, paginators can easily access editorial assets for print production.

newspaper production and printing process


CLR Digital Solutions will optimize your content based on widely-accepted best practices.

We will customize SEO settings, control which pages are indexable, and how you want your website to appear on Google and Bing with structured data.

In addition, Google Analytics will provide insights into traffic, popular posts and pages, and trends.


As a former newspaper publisher, we know what is important to your organization.

Continued Support

We support your staff after completing the project. We provide training and are available for help with built-in support hours.

Mobile optimized

Mobile users compromise a significant percentage of website visitors. Therefore, building fast, responsive designs for each device is important.

Cloud Hosted

No worries about local server infrastructure. Access anywhere with an internet connection.



CLR Digital Solutions provides you with options engage your community. Make your social media management faster and easier by scheduling and cross-posting your content across multiple social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. Keep the community informed of events and obituaries, Send newsletters to keep readers coming back.

Regularly Post to Social Media
Email new posts to readers to bring them back
Keep the community informed with a calendar of events
Post obituary notices to inform your community
We work hard to provide features to make clients happy!

News organizations want additional features like classifieds, paywalls, advertising, and contact forms.


Sell and list classifieds online. Feature real estate, automotive, legal notices, help wanted, and more!


Let your customers contact your departments, submit story ideas, and advertising.


Monetize your content by implementing digital and print subscriptions. Customize access rule sets.


Sell display advertising to local businesses. Add digital to your ad channels.


Integrate your site with Adobe InDesign to efficiently manage your digital and print workflows.

Editors will use the dashboard to edit and publish the reporter's stories.

Schedule when posts will go live to keep your pages fresh.

Increase your exposure by managing and scheduling your social media posts. Keep a constant flow of posts every day.

Automate those processes for efficiency and accuracy.

Increase Exposure

Manage social media and engage your audience to keep readers coming back.


Bridge your digital and print workflows by connecting InDesign.

Work / Activity

Efficiently manage daily tasks

Manager Reporters

Use the Editorial Dashboard to manage users and stories.

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